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Employment Of Foreign Expert

1)The monthly pay is ¥5000 for bachelor’s degree holders. RMB 5500 for master’s degree holders, and RMB 6000 for doctor’s degree holders. Monthly pay will be pre-paid in the first half of each month.

2)A foreign teacher is required to work 18 weeks per semester/term (not including festivals and holidays), and for every week he/she is required to teach 18 class hours, 50 minutes per class hour. If his/her class hours are less than 18 per week, he/she would accept other working arrangements by Bohai University.

3)The contract period is at least one year. Bohai University offers RMB 8000 airfare allowance for those who sign a one-year contract with Bohai University. There will be no airfare allowance for the less than a one-year contract. Bohai University offers RMB 8000 of airfare allowance for the same foreign teacher who renews his/her contract for another year; Bohai University offers RMB 4000 of airfare allowance for the same foreign teacher who renews his/her contract for another half year. The airfare allowance will be paid to the foreign teacher on the last week of the contract.

4)Bohai University offers every foreign teacher insurance policy for both accidental injuries and medicare.

5)Yearly travel allowance is RMB 2200, which will be paid as 1100 RMB at the end of each term. Bohai University will organize free traveling twice a year around the Jinzhou area. Note: If a foreign teacher leaves Bohai University less than half a month (including half a month) before his/her contract expires, the travel allowance will still be paid to him/her.

6)The foreign teachers may teach Bohai University students, and/or some part-time students (including adults and middle school learners) in the evening or on weekends. And Bohai University will pay an extra sum of money to the foreign teachers who take part-time teaching: RMB 65 per clock hour. The courses range from Conversational English, Listening, Survey of America and Great Britain, Literature of America and Great Britain, to English Writing and so on.

7)Bohai University is responsible for picking up foreign teachers at Shenyang or Jinzhou Railway Station, all free of charge.

8)Bohai University offers a free room for each foreign teacher, in which there is a bathroom with hot water, a bed(beddings cost ¥380 paid by the foreign teacher), a combination of bookshelf and desk, a TV set, a refrigerator, an air-conditioner, a washing machine, a wardrobe, and a microwave oven. There is a shared kitchen on each floor.

9)Each room is equipped with a broadband access purchased by the foreign teacher.

10)No pets are allowed.

11)Bohai University is responsible for obtaining an affirmation letter from the provincial government and an invitation letter from the municipal government so that the foreign teacher may apply for a work visa within his/her own country. Upon the arrival of foreign teachers, Bohai University is responsible for getting Residence Permit and Foreign Expert Certificate, and pays for them.

12)Bohai University provides a free Chinese language training program for foreign teachers.

13)Within the valid period of the contract, if a foreign teacher plans to leave Bohai University due to some private affairs, he or she must ask Foreign Exchange Office for leave. Only after getting the permission can he or she leave, but some money will be deducted from his or her pay according to the days he or she is absent (not including Saturdays, Sundays, festivals and holidays).

14)As to the incompetent teachers and the teachers who refuse to accept working arrangements and the teachers who break the Chinese laws and/or the school regulations, Bohai University has the right to terminate the contract. Should this matter arise all airfare and travel allowance will no longer be paid.

15)Without the consent from Bohai University’s International Exchange College, the foreign teachers are not to take any teaching positions outside of Bohai University, and are not to take up any job that is not listed in the contract, during the valid period of the contract (including weekdays,weekends and holidays).

16)Foreign teachers must abide by China’s and Bohai University’s laws and regulations, and they must strictly implement the Contract and the Appendix. They must carefully prepare and teach each class. They shouldn’t go to the classroom late, shouldn’t dismiss the class early, and shouldn’t miss any class. Should an emergency arise or an illness occur, please ask the International Exchange College for leave.

17)The probation is one month. If the foreign teacher turns out to be unqualified within the probation period, Bohai University will not employ him/her, and no money whatsoever will be paid.

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