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Office of Party and Administrative Affairs

Organization Section of BU's CPC Committee (CPC School of Bohai University)

Section for BU's CPC Publicity
( Section for BU's CPC United Front Work )

Section for Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision

Trade Union of Bohai University

Youth League Commission of Bohai University

Section for Teachers' Management Affiliated to BU's CPC Committee (Department of Personnel and Human Resources)

Section for Students' Management Affiliated to BU's CPC Committee (Section for Students' Affairs)

Section for Armed Forces Affiliated to BU's CPC Committee (Section for Safety and Security)

Section for Building and Planning of Disciplines

Section for Teaching Affairs

Section for Science and Technology

Section for Admission and Career

Section for Accounting and Finance

Section for Management of Assets

Service Section for the Retired

Section for Logistics Service

Section for Social Cooperation ( Alumni Association & Foundations)

Library of Bohai University

Editorial Department of Journal of Bohai University

Center for Experiments

Center for Construction and Management of Informatization


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